Our Forex Trading Course is an online trading programme with 7 modules and 17 units including video lessons exploring both theory and application.

It is designed to be the only Forex Trading Course you’ll ever need and provides you with the ideal platform to begin or elevate your career in Forex Trading.  Utilising our unique approach to learning to trade, our ultimate goal is to train you to a professional standard and get you enrolled in our RPL Funded Trader Programme.  We achieve this by focusing on the three areas key to trader development, education, application, and funding.

Our mission is to find and cultivate the highest quality, consistently profitable traders to put forward to the Trader Funding Programme.

RPL Trading have taken a different approach by focusing on applying theory to the live markets “practice makes perfect.” A good Forex trading course should have an ultimate goal – something you’re working toward beyond just the privilege of learning to trade. 

We go beyond just teaching you the theory because, if it’s a successful Forex trading career you’re looking for, it is going to require a lot more than just an understanding of market theory and ultimately, you’re going to need a way to gain real-world experience and begin to build a solid verified track record.

That’s why learning to trade with RPL Trading is different, we’re teaching with the ultimate goal of building RPL Trading and our team one aspiring trader at a time.

Course Content:

Module 1.  Intro

Introduction to Forex Trading

Module 2. Techincal Analysis

Support & Ressistance


Fibbonacci Rules

Price Action

Entry & Stops

Breaks, Re-tests & Pullbacks

Full Strategy

Module 3. Market Pattern

Head and Shoulders

Bullish & Bearish Flags

Module 4. Market Structure



Module 5. Journaling


Module 6. Resources

Tradingview Alerts


Correlating Pairs

Module 7. Rules

Trading Rules