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We deeply believe that success in this field comes from providing first class, proactive services for clients. With our wide range of investment expertise and diverse market knowledge, We're here to help you take control of your financial life and maximise returns.


At RPL Trading we are passionate about finding and cultivating the highest quality and consistently profitable traders. We believe that Forex trading is a lifestyle, one which must be nurtured and developed. RPL Trading help traders of all abilities, experience and education. RPL Trading works on  key areas of trader development including EducationLive Market Analysis, and Trader Funding

RPL Trading's mission is to find and cultivate the best Forex Traders. We accomplish this by providing the very best in the three key areas of trader development which are Education, Practical Application in the Live Markets and Trader Funding.

We offer 8 modules with 14 units either online or private 1-2-1 sessions.  It’s a completely self-paced and structured course designed to provide you with a fantastic platform where you can gain the building blocks for becoming a successful trader.

Education and learning how to trade is not enough on it's own so we have put together a fantastic option for you not only to learn how to trade with our Forex Trading Course, but once you have established the foundation blocks  of trading, you can gain further knowledge in the areas of Psychology and Mindset and more with RPL Pro Trader.

RPL Pro Trader also gives you access to complimentary tools, 1-2-1 coaching, Weekly Analysis Sessions, Access to archived content including downloadable podcasts and more.

Our end goal is to to have all of our customers to enrol in our RPL Trader Funding Programme. This is a fantastic programme where you as a trader can get a funded account  from  RPL Trading, this will give you a head start by allowing you to trade without risking your own capital.

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Forex Education

Our Forex Trading Course comprises of 14 Modules of online videos  or private 1-2-1 sessions


RPL Pro Trader  is a combination of our education courses including our Forex Trading Course, Psychology Course, Mindset and more..


Our RPL trader funding programme is a fantastic way to start your new career as a trader...